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Kun tilgjengelig i høyrevinge.

Full-length feathers are the most versatile shape. Full-length feathers allow you to cut them to whatever finished shape you desire with our Bearpaw feather chopper. We offer many blade shapes for our feather chopper. Add your own personal touch to your arrows by choosing the feather shape you prefer from our wide assortment of blades. Bearpaw Full length feathers are a pure natural product and will vary in length and base strength!

Attention: Please note that there is an additional fee when selecting any and all colors of the Natural Barred feathers!


  • Shape: Full Length (Right wing only!)
  • Length: Approximately 8“ – 14“
  • Color Pattern: Natural Barred
  • Colors: Several Colors of Natural Barred Feathers

Bearpaw naturlig stripete fjør Obs: kun høyrevinge

SKU: AM064
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