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Kviljo Buemakeri was founded in 2007 by archaeologist Ivar Malde, and has since 2014 been operated full time. "Buemakeri" is the Norwegian word for "bowyers workshop". The workshop and store is located at the small farm village Kviljo, just 300 meters from the North Sea, with Farsund as the nearest City. Feel free to drop by - there is usually more to see in the workshop than is here on the webshop. It is also possible to have a quick peek into the workshop itself if you'd like.

Kviljo Buemakeri has made bows and arrows for numerous TV-productions and museums, but is mainly selling to archery-enthusiasts and happy amateurs who want to shoot a little in the garden. Historical archery suits everyone; it's both a sport, a way of connecting with the past, and gives ample opportunity to explore different crafts. For many it is simply enough to see the arrow fly with the energy you yourself gave it. There is a reason most archers remember the first arrow they sent out into the air.

The workshop is mainly focused on historic and prehistoric archery equipment made from natural materials, and with the highest quality standards. By letting the archaeological material show how the equipment should be made, hundreds of years of experience is utilized. Flight archery has always been a competition bowyers have had an interest in, as it gives good indications of the quality of the equipment. Ivar has a long list of Norwegian championship titles, and participated in 2019 in the world championship in flight archery in Utah, USA. Four out of four possible world records were set, in the "Primitive Turkish" and the three different weight classes in the "Primitive complex composite" class. In other words: Kviljo Buemakeri has the current world record flight shot with bows and arrows made from natural materials (566,83 meter).

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is something you can't find in the webshop. Nearly any kind of historical bow and arrow can be made to order, including all Asiatic horn/sinew composites. There is also a good selection of glass fiber laminated Traditional bows in stock at all times. 

- Ivar Malde, fall 2021

​Ivar Malde / Kviljo Buemakeri
Kviljoveien 150
4550 Farsund

Telephone: +47 991 55 405


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From the championship "The Conquest Cup" in Istanbil, 2019. Local media and National Norwegian TV is trying to catch a good shot

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