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Turkish warbow of 75 pounds at 27 inches draw. It is about 42 inches long between the nocks. When it comes to historical bows and craftsmanship, the Turkish bows are exceptional. There is pretty much no limit as to how much time was put into each bow, and this specific bow is without doubt one of the more labour intense creations that has come out of Kviljo Buemakeri. Although the bows may look impressive, it's all about form following function. These bows are very tolerant towards lighter arrows, and offer the highest arrow speeds among all the historical bows. This specific bow is very easy to handle - it demands very little corrections after bracing.


The bow is made fully from natural materials, and has an authentic construction and decoration. It has grooved and curved glue lines between the wood core and horn. It consists of maple in the core, water buffalo horn on the compression side, and deer sinew on the back. The glue used is hide- and fish-glue, and the bow is covered with vegetable tanned goat skin. The varnish is the correct - and difficult to make -oil/resin mix that was originally used. The color is Alizarin Crimson, with so-called "tezhip"/gold decoration inspired from an original bow. The bow was started in 2016, and finished in 2022.

Turkish warbow 75# @ 27"

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