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In 2019 Kviljo Buemakeri set four official world records in flight archery, with Turkish flight bows. Among the records were a shot of 404,65 meters in the 50-pound class. The longest shot in modern history with bows and arrows made from natural materials, was also shot with one of these bows, at 566,83 meters. The bows used were all authentic replicas of an original Turkish bow from the collection of Kviljo Buemakeri.


Do you want such a bow? You should expect a production time of about two years, unless there is an almost ready one in stock that would suit your specifications. A small deposit is paid when ordering, and then the full payment once the bow is ready to be picked up or delivered. These bows are inherently difficult to use, and demands proper handling. The bows are therefore sold with only a limited repair-guarantee of one year. You will also recieve a video showing how the specific bow is braced, and a test-shooting of the bow. Prices from 40 000 NOK.


The pictures are showing various Turkish flight bows, including the world record bows.

Turkish flight bow

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