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Se nedtrekksmenyen for hvilke buer som er på lager og klare til å sendes ut. Ønsker du en annen trekkvekt, velger du "spesialbestilling" og skriver hvilken trekkvekt du ønsker i tekstfeltet, så får du en e-post etter at jeg har sjekket hvorvidt buen finnes på lager hos produsenten. Husk også å notere hvorvidt buen skal være høyrehendt eller venstrehendt. (eks: på en høyrebue trekker man buestrengen med høyre hånd.) 


The name Slick Stick is known and respected around the world as a bow that delivers sleek graceful lines, a smooth comfortable draw, and powerful performance at a fantastic price! Here at BEARPAW PRODUCTS we are constantly receiving rave reviews and fantastic feedback from the entire traditional archery world. Every individual model of our Slick Stick family of bows has its own fan base.

Our Slick Stick Recurve continues the success story of its predecessor. The short, powerful limbs are equipped with full working recurve tips. Our impressive recurve design delivers amazing speed and performance. This classic recurve is very similar in its design, geometry and grip shape to the Slick Stick Hybrid. Because of this, our classic Slick Stick Recurve is guaranteed to provide a soft, smooth draw, a natural pointability, and performance that you have to experience to believe. If you are looking for a lightweight classic recurve with a super smooth draw and blazing fast speed - consider the Slick Stick Recurve from Bodnik Bows.

Of course, the Slick Stick Recurve can be shot with any standard high-performance bowstring. To get the best performance from the Slick Stick Recurve we highly recommend our BEARPAW Whisper Strings. This will ensure that your bow is always "whisper quiet"!

• Bow Length: 58 Inches

• Draw Weight: 15 - 55 lbs in 5 lbs increments

• Riser Materials: Nutmeg

• Limb Materials: Bamboo, Alder Veneer under BEARPAW Powerglas Crystal Clear

• Limb Tip Overlays: Black Micarta

• Grip: Bodnik Bows Locator Style Grip

• Bowstring: Whisper String

• Brace Height: 7 3/4 - 8 Inch

• Quality: German Quality

• Guarantee: 30 Year Bodnik Bows Guarantee*

• Storage: This bow can be stored in the strung position

*Warranty conditions: For all BODNIK BOWS bows, BEARPAW grants a 30-year warranty on fractures, cracks and delaminations. Excluded from the warranty are signs of wear, damage due to gross negligence or intentional behaviour or twisted limbs after a period of use of 6 months. The guarantee is provided by replacement or repair of the bow. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of it.

Bearpaw Slick Stick Recurve Nutmeg, 35# høyre

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