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Varnished arrow shafts from Tonkin bamboo. Solid and moderately heavy shafts - quite like pine. 33 inches length (84cm). The shafts have been cut such that there is a node at the thin end, which offers extra strength for a self-nock. The diameter varies with the spine-category. The spine values are somewhat approximate, although the spine numbers are printed on each arrow. For an extra 5,- you can choose to have them hand-spined to +/- 2,5# (choose from menu). You can also choose to have self nocks cut, or even have Ottoman tanged points fitted (+35,-).


The Ottoman tanged points are recommended for these shafts. They offer the oportunity to sand/file the shaft and the points flush, which is good since the shafts vary somewhat in diameter.

Bamboo arrow shafts

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