Our Mohawk is manufactured in our Bodnik Bows bow manufactory in Germany. Our bowyer Chris Unger has designed a handle which has a perfect grip. The pleasant combination of Bubinga and Maple brings the looks of this powerful recurve bow to perfection. The limbs made of bamboo guarantee its exceptional performance while making it soft to draw. The bow was pre-tested by professionals from the traditional bow scene worldwide and received with enthusiasm.

Choose between Recurve 56", 58" and 58" hybrid.

• Draw Weight: 20 - 55 lbs in 5 lbs increments

• Riser Materials: Bubinga with hard maple and mycarta accent stripes

• Limb Materials: bamboo, stabil core with olive veneer or black glass and Bearpaw Power Glass

• Limbs edition: layer stabil core

• Tips: Multi-Layered Mycarta

• Grip: Pistolgrip

• Bowstring: Whisper String (or any other high-performance string)

• Brace Height: 8 inches

• Quality: German Quality

• Guarantee: 30 Years Bodnik Bows Guarantee*

• Storage: The bow may be stored in the strung position


Every Bodnik Bow is hand crafted by the highly trained professional bowyers of Bodnik Bows. Bearpaw Products is the exclusive partner of Bodnik Bows. *Warranty conditions: For all BODNIK BOWS bows, BEARPAW grants a 30-year warranty on fractures, cracks and delaminations. Excluded from the warranty are signs of wear, damage due to gross negligence or intentional behaviour or twisted limbs after a period of use of 6 months. The guarantee is provided by replacement or repair of the bow. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of it.

Bearpaw Mohawk Hunter